Avon, Take Me Away

Bubble Bath

Alright ladies…be honest…when was the last time you soaked in a bath?   I’m not referring to your children’s bath time, or sitting in a hot-tub with friends or your partner, I’m referring to hunkering down into a sudsy heaven with just you, your thoughts and maybe a good book or glass of wine!   We all need some “Me” time, right?  Well NOW is that time!

I take a bath almost every single night!  It’s a tradition I’ve carried over from my childhood.   If you’ve read My Story, you’d already know that scents play a very important role in my life.  This is true for my bubble bath too.  I haven’t changed what I use in all these years…only the scents have changed but it’s always Avon!

Now, parents, I know what you may be thinking, “where can I find time to myself?”   Yes, I realize that because I’m not a parent, or a busy professional if you can relate to that instead, that I have the time to pamper myself, but even if it’s once or twice a week I believe you should give it a try!  Maybe after the kids go to bed?   After you’ve logged off for the night?  I promise, once you slip into a bubble bath, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it more often!  Let Avon take you away!!

Can’t decide on a scent?  For a limited time, you can get TWO select Avon Senses bubble baths for only $12!  You also get FREE SHIPPING on online orders over $40!  Use coupon code Welcome10 at checkout to receive an additional 10% off your first order! 


Author: DiMarcotte

I am married and living in Marlborough, MA with my husband and kitty. I am an Independent Avon Online Representative.

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