Fundraising with Avon


Need to raise money for your child’s school, your church, dance team, to go on that class trip? Tired of selling candy bars, candles and wrapping paper?  Whatever your fundraising needs are, Avon and I can help!   Take the burden of fund-raising off you and your organization with an Avon Fundraiser:

* There’s minimal paperwork to complete
* No need to buy merchandise up front
* No door-to-door selling. Participants can sell exclusively to families, neighbors and friends, and still produce a profitable fundraiser
* The average Customer order is over $15!
* All products are backed by Avon’s satisfaction guarantee
* Your organization can have its money in hand in as few as three weeks

How much money can my organization make?

That’s up to the organization and how much they would like to participate on the administrative side.  For example, if your group has the ability to print flyers in-house and the team sorts and bags the products for distribution when they arrive, you would earn 40% (50% goes to Avon and 10% goes to me for order processing and other supply costs).   If I do the printing, ordering and bagging, your group would earn 30%.

Below is an example what an organization of just 10 volunteers could make by receiving 40% of the profits:

*10 volunteers x 10 customers x $15 average order = $1,500 in sales = $600 Profit!
*10 volunteers x 20 customers x $15 average order = $3,000 in sales = $1,200 Profit!
*10 volunteers x 30 customers x $15 average order = $4,500 in sales = $1,800 Profit!

You get the idea…the more you sell the more you make!

Who can raise funds with Avon?

Anyone can raise funds!  All I require is someone to coordinate the efforts on your end.  I’ll work with the coordinator to provide the necessary materials needed for a successful fundraiser (flyers, envelopes, etc).  The Coordinator and their team will facilitate the actual raising of the funds.  When the fundraiser is over, I’ll meet with the coordinator to collect the funds.  I will place the order and then when the items arrive I will deliver to the coordinator for distribution.  As mentioned above, the more your group participates, the more profit you could earn!  Make it fun…maybe have a pizza party while you sort and bag the products for distribution!

What am I selling?

Excellent question!  Once I meet with the Coordinator, we will decide on which flyer they would like to choose to offer to their customers.  Can’t decide?  Combine flyers for a variety of selling options.   Below are the flyers for the 2017 fundraising season:







Moisture Therapy


Frequently Asked Questions About Avon Fundraising

Q: Why can some fund-raising companies offer us 50%?
A: A company can offer 50% when it is charging a premium for its products. For example, if you have ever bought frozen pizza or cheesecakes as a fund-raiser, you know that they were more expensive than if purchased at a store. Even candy bars sell for $1 each. With Avon, you are offering high-quality products that are priced competitively with similar products at retail. Most fundraising companies offer up to 40%. Others offer much less! T-shirt sales, for example, often offer only 20%.

Q: Can I conduct a fund-raiser using the full brochure?
A: Yes, but it is not recommended. All products featured in the special Fundraising Flyers above can be ordered by me from a special fundraiser site. Product availability and on-time shipping are guaranteed. This is possible because each item is assigned a unique product number for tracking.

Q: How can we know that an Avon Fundraiser will be as successful as fundraisers we have had in the past?
A: All types of organizations, from religious institutions and schools to daycare centers and sports leagues, have used Avon Fundraisers successfully to raise the money they need. They have found that the brand-name recognition, the Avon Guarantee and the fact that Avon has high-quality products for the entire family, make for an extremely successful fundraiser.

Q: We’ve planned our fundraiser for this year already.  How can you help me?
A: Congratulations on being so organized! I hope you will let me help you plan your next fund-raiser.

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